Paglione | Apulian Tomato

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Each Agricola Paglione product is a story to taste.

Exclusively produced from cherry tomato, carefully selected, and preserved in a jar with salt and water within 12 hours from the harvest. The right balance of salt maintains the tomato's consistency and authentic flavor for a fresh taste. Only the most beautiful plump and full-bodied cherry tomatoes are finished in pots, creating splendid geometric designs.

Organic Farming | Pomodorino Pugliese | Product of Italy | Lucera (Foggia) Puglia

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In 1994, the Faccilongo and Albano families, who have always been farmers, began converting the land to organic farming with Beniamino and Maria Costanza's own processing laboratory in compliance with the "short-chain" philosophy. Agricola Paglione is led now by Nicola Faccilongo (son). It summarizes the family's peasant roots and the experience handed down from parents to children for generations.

Agricola Paglione's agricultural method respects the land, history, food, wine culture of its territory, Daunia, the northernmost region of Puglia, the center of its work, enhancing its native variety's dignified craftsmanship.

The fields in the countryside of Lucera, between the Tavoliere delle Puglie and the Sub Appenino Dauno, are cultivated organically in compliance with seasonality and treated throughout the year before harvesting. Work in the fields is followed by their workshops' craftsmanship, meticulous, freshly processed, guaranteeing the highest quality of ingredients without losing natural flavors and aroma.


Perfect for seasoning bruschetta, making vegetable-based sauces or adding bright flavors to legume-based soups.


Cherry tomatoes, water, salt