Amanida | Piparra Sweet Peppers in EVOO


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AMANIDA is a Mediterranean family-owned company founded in 1960. They are specializing in select olives and pickled gourmet products. They source only the finest raw ingredients from their native origin and rigorously made using proprietary marinade blends.

AMANIDA successfully combines tradition and innovation in developing healthy gourmet food products. All the products are 100% Natural with no MSG, artificial colors and or flavorings. In style, it is creating a unique wholesome, pleasant way of life.

A fresh and delicate flavor. Mild and not hot with a significant bearing (15-20 cm). Beautiful bright yellow color and a delicious texture. A unique sweet pepper recognized by the prestigious European International Taste Institute "Superior Taste" Award. This fantastic and remarkable product can be consumed as an appetizer, in salads, or even be used in the kitchen to prepare delicious and surprising dishes like soups, sauces, stuffed, sandwiches, tempuras.

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