Chocolate Naive | NANO_LOT 08 Cacao Sierra Julián


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Chocolate Naive | NANO_LOT 08 Cacao Sierra Julián
Chocolate Naive | NANO_LOT 08 Cacao Sierra Julián

NANO_LOT 08 Cacao Sierra Julián — Vilnius, Lithuania

NANO_LOT is a series of limited release chocolate available only at specific times of the year, and once they are gone, they are gone. Domantas chooses cacao varieties based on the highest ratings, rarest qualities, and provides a unique tasting experience.

Finca La Sierra (Cacao Sierra Julián) is located in San Julián, Sonsonate, a small but utterly significant plantation in San Salvador with more than 60 years old. It was acquired by the Portillo family in 1972, though it existed long before the acquisition.

Recent studies performed by the local research team identified some interesting heirloom cacao genetics grown on Sierra Julián's farm. This study proved that Salvador has a rare, old, and unique cacao heritage. These findings were noticed and welcomed an international initiative to rehabilitate the old farm to introduce this Salvadorian heirloom cacao to consumers.

A scarce offering and a tiny batch of 450 precious bars: has a unique flavor profile of fruit jam, buttery, nutty notes with a silky long-lasting chocolate finish. Very clean without astringency or bitterness.

Processing: Roast 110°C | Texture 18 μm | Conche 72 hours

Pod: Trinitario Blend

 28% Lilac and 14% White. This particular batch is 25 kg of total volume and is box fermented as a single lot, then sun-dried.

Best Before 03-16-2022

Ingredients: cacao, cane sugar, pure cacao butter. Cacao minimum of 70%. May contain traces of milk, sesame, or nuts. Keep it dry and cool, a maximum of 18°C (64°F).

Chocolate Naive established by Domantas Užpalis, specializes in bean to bar chocolate production. Top class cacao beans are carefully selected from exceptional farms and transported via the old seaways to Europe and, finally, to Lithuania, home of Chocolate Naive.

The chocolate master delicately roasts fresh cacao beans every morning. Slowly rolled and conched to release their extraordinary bouquet of fruits, nuts, and flowers. These handcrafted bars are later stored to mature and develop a vast range of flavors and textures.

Chocolate Naive | NANO_LOT 08 Cacao Sierra Julián
Chocolate Naive | NANO_LOT 08 Cacao Sierra Julián

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