Welcome to Sabores Fino®. Our passion is to provide exceptional service, and meaningful connections, enhancing quality time with family and friends, one table at a time.

Founded by Jessica Ortiz, a wine specialist and educator with over 15 years of experience in the food and wine industry.

“My love for delicate foods and flavors enriched me while traveling abroad to France, Italy, and Spain. Those personal experiences flourished in my soul to develop a pure appreciation for artisanal-made foods and drinks using locally grown ingredients.

After many years of working in some of the most reputable restaurants and wine shops, my manifesto's idea came to fruition. Creating a one-stop-shop with the most refined foods and ingredients to enhance your flavor experience at sensible prices.”

We love high-quality food and drinks! Curated to bring you diverse flavors while sharing compelling stories of the people and regions dedicated to creating a healthy setting for eating, drinking, and beyond.

Come and enjoy this journey together with us!