Bittercube | Blackstrap Bitters

Bittercube | Blackstrap Bitters

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Slow-crafted using fresh ingredients

Size 148 mL | 5 fl. oz.


Bittercube Bitters are handmade and slow-crafted with fresh ingredients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bittercube's mission is to develop innovative, flavored packed bitters through thoughtful sourcing, meticulous production, and ongoing research to inspire elevated drinking experiences.


Whiskey + Rye Whiskey + Gin + Brandy + Rum


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Saigon cinnamon + Ceylon cinnamon + molasses + sassafras leaves + sarsaparilla + nutmeg + mace + kola nut + gentian

Production (Process)

The nutmeg fruit of Myristica fragrans, an evergreen tree, contains a hard pit while the lacy red membrane surrounding it is mace. The delicate membrane carefully peeled away from the nutmeg shell and spread to dry in the sun.