Bittercube | Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

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Specification | No pre-made extracts or flavors. Slow-crafted using fresh ingredients. Natural settling expected. Shake before using.

Appearance (Color) | Clear, deep brown
Nose (Aromas) | Clean, pronounced aromatics of cocoa and almonds
Palate (Flavors/Texture) | Woodsy and rustic with pleasant vanilla, fennel, and star anise flavors.
Conclusion (Finale) | Expressive, outstanding quality.

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Bittercube Bitters are handmade and slow-crafted with fresh ingredients. Created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bittercube's mission is to develop innovative, flavored packed bitters through thoughtful sourcing, meticulous production, and ongoing research to inspire elevated drinking experiences.

Wild cherry bark + Indonesian vanilla bean + quassia + gentian + star anise + mahlab + cardamom + Ceylon cinnamon + fennel pollen

Production (Process)
Three inches of pure vanilla bean are used in every bottle.


Manhattan + Old Fashioned + Sour + Highball

Size 148 mL | 5 fl. oz.

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