Bittercube | Bitters Variety Pack

Bittercube | Bitters Variety Pack

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The Bitters Variety Pack provides a must-have assortment of concentrated flavors, including orange, spicy ginger, hibiscus grapefruit, woodsy aromatic cherry, aromatic floral, smoky aromatic, and cinnamon from fresh roots, barks, fruits, flowers, spices, and herbs.

The Variety Pack contains 6 × 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) bottles of the following bitters:

Bolivar Bitters
Orange Bitters
Blackstrap Bitters
Jamaican No. 1 Bitters
Jamaican No. 2 Bitters
Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

And a recipe card featuring seven modernized classic cocktails.

Size 6 x 30 mL


Bittercube Bitters are handmade and slow-crafted with fresh ingredients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bittercube's mission is to develop innovative, flavored packed bitters through thoughtful sourcing, meticulous production, and ongoing research to inspire elevated drinking experiences.


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