El Capricho | Bonito del Norte | White Tuna Fillets in EVOO

El Capricho | Bonito del Norte | White Tuna Fillets in EVOO

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Bonito del Norte in EVOO 'Castillo de Canena'
Bonito del Norte (White Tuna) in EVOO 'Castillo de Canena'

The BEAUTY of the North.

A mild white tuna with a rich texture and delicate flavors. The extra virgin olive oil keeps it moist and flavorful. We present the one and only Bonito (Beauty) of the North.

A quintessential Spanish delicacy. Prepared only from the white tuna (Thunnus Alalunga). Line-caught in summer by small inshore Spanish boats through sustainable practice.

Preserved at the peak of freshness using only the finest ingredients, it is tender with a subtle flavor, no additives, healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and covered in Castillo de Canena Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. The entire process is hand-made by skilled artisans in their facilities in Santoña, Cantabria.

Size 210 g


Conservas El Capricho is a family business located in Santoña, a small traditional fishing village with a rich history known as the birthplace of anchovy fillets. They are committed to providing a healthy and nutritious gourmet product of exquisite quality and distinction, preserving the sea's authentic taste! 

The Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay, FAO 27, and FAO 37) is the primary element and inspiration for bringing the freshest fish to the consumer. Conservas El Capricho purchases anchovies from small inshore Spanish boats during the spring fishing season using traditional fishing methods such as purse seine. The Bonito is line-caught during summer—both highly appreciated and sustainable practices.

The catch of the day is brought to the facilities in Santoña, where the fresh fish is handled with exceptional care, following a rigorous, unique process, and hand-packed by skilled artisans to create the ultimate product into a delicacy.


Vermouth. Rosé. White Wine, particularly Txakoli, Chablis, Pinot Blanc, and Chenin Blanc.


Enjoy as an appetizer, with picos (crackers/breadsticks), potato chips, or add to pasta, salads, and bocadillo (sandwich).


White tuna (Thunnus Alalunga), extra virgin olive oil (Castillo de Canena), and salt.


Product of Spain | Santoña, Cantabria | Fresh Fish (White Tuna Fillets)
Hand Packed | High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA+DHA)
Non-BPA | Non-GMO | Soy-Free | Gluten Free

Allergens | Contains fish

Store in a cool, dry place, preferably between 5 °C to 12 °C (41 °F to 54 °F). Once opened, refrigerate and consume it within three days of opening.

Net Weight 7.41 oz. (210 g) | Drained Weight 5.47 oz. (155 g)