Montaraz | Jamón de Cebo de Campo | Cebo de Campo Ibérico Pork Dry Cured Ham TRAY

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Una obra maestra.

Montaraz Ibérico pork is pasture-raised without additives. Time and experience come together to give Montaraz Cebo de Campo Ibérico ham the flavor and aroma that make it an exquisite, pleasant delicacy. This masterpiece opens the doors to a world of extraordinary, exclusive sensory experiences. 

The aroma is warm with nuances of nuts. The palate has a soft and juicy texture with intense flavors that are round, slightly salty, and sweet.

Size TRAY 2.5 oz.


Since the start of the family business more than 130 years ago, they have maintained the traditional production process, respecting century-old salting and curing processes in natural drying sheds. Salt and patience have always been their only preservation secrets. The serenity of the process has been inherited from the past; ancestral expertise handed down from father to son for five generations of master ham makers.

Each Montaraz product is sourced from the finest Iberian pigs raised in the pastures of Extremadura. The curing process for their hams and shoulders takes place in two different locations: Salamanca and Olivenza.

As a result, they have two distinct ‘types’ of Montaraz. The milder climate of Salamanca yields delicately flavored hams and paletillas, while the higher temperatures in Extremadura produce a more robust final product. Regardless of the origin, both regions have exceptional, 100% natural pieces, with only two ingredients enhancing the meat: salt and time. Their commitment to quality means no nitrites or allergens are used.


Cebo de Campo Ibérico pork ham, sea salt


Product of Spain | Extremadura | Cebo de Campo Ibérico
Hand Sliced | Vacuum Packaging | Minimally Processed | No Artificial Ingredients
100% Natural | Free Range | Pasture Raised | Additives Free | Gluten-Free

Net weight 2.5 oz. | Ready to serve

We recommend opening the pack 30 minutes before serving and consuming the ham at room temperature (68 to 72 °F / 20 to 22 °C) to enjoy the subtlety of its flavors and aromatic qualities fully. Refrigerate after opening.